• Assam Police executes the action for Helpline; Additional Leads To Tackle Cybercrime

    Assam Police executes the action for Helpline; Additional Leads To Tackle Cybercrime

    Guwahati: On Monday, the Assam police obtained a breakthrough as far as the modernisation of the team is regarded. The Assam Police launched a citizen financial cyber fraud recording and administration method emphasising around-the-clock helpdesk to improve control cyber financial scam.

    This latest initiative will increase the potential of the Assam police in administering cybercrime. The Assam Police has implemented an independent Cyber Forensic Lab cum Training Center in its continuous attempts to improve service.

    Assam director general of police Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta additionally started a cyber forensic lab cum training station at the CID office and the citizen financial cyber fraud recording and control system.

    If any victim of cyber financial fraud would, without delay, call this number and present the necessary details, the assistant desk officer would instantly upload the specifications on the system.

    ""A large number of people lose money due to financial cyber fraud, but by the time police receive the information, it becomes late to block the amount as the defrauded money already reaches the fraudsters. In view of the above constraint, a round-the-clock help desk has been set up with helpline number 155260 in the criminal investigation department,"" an official report appeared stated.

    In the corresponding schedule, Cyber Crime First Responder Kits were also ceremonially issued by the DGP to the police stations of Guwahati city.

    The kits have been obtained following the MOITRI (Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image) Scheme.

    The investigative policemen units would take these compact kits to the scene of a crime and get the aid of highly excellent appliances and applications for classification, acquisition and storage of digital proof.

    A productive training will be initiated for using the kits for 25 police officers per batch in 10 groups. A team of experts from Mumbai will impart this training.