• Beltola Murder: Akash confesses, "Yes, I killed them"


    Guwahati: Like it is said - Beware, danger lurks within the four walls of your home, as your enemy is right next to you. The lurking danger takes a vicious turn, which happened in the case of the sensational Beltola murder. From his upbringing to getting him married and also helping his kids study in an English medium school in Guwahati, Akash Choudhury was looked after by the Baruah couple like their own son. After all, he acted like their caretaker, caregiver, their 'Budhappe ki Lathi'.

    Sensation prevailed in Beltola, Guwahati following the cold blooded murder of the elderly Baruah couple, leading to the arrest of their caretaker Akash Choudhury.

    The needle of suspicion was pointing towards Akash since the beginning of the investigation, even after he denied his role in the crime.

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    Akash Choudhury has now confessed to his crime in front of the investigating team and said that he was the one who killed the elderly Baruah couple.

    As per police reports, the grill of the window of the couple's bedroom, was broken from inside. Earlier, Choudhury claimed that robbers entered the house through the window and murdered the couple.

    Moreover, the forensic report stated that bloodstain in the threshold of the window was from inside and not from outside so, it proves that the miscreants entered through the main door.

     Sources quoted that one key of the house used to be with Akash Choudhury, so indirectly, he is linked with the murder case. 

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    As per the reports, Akash Choudhury knows everything about the money transactions of deceased Nani Gopal Baruah and that Choudhury is linked with many land mafias of the city.

    The couple’s daughter filed a case against Akash Choudhury under 3900/21 US 458/380/302 IPC on Tuesday. Akash was produced before the CJM court on Wednesday. Police asked the court for 14 days of police custody of Akash Choudhury.

    The investigation is still continuing to ascertain the motive behind the murder.

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