• Commuters Travel through Shaky Bamboo Bridge even after 73 years of India’s Independence


    Rangia: In another tale of the failure of government, a bridge that connects Khupanikuchi in the Rangia Sub-division to Nalbari and Kamrup districts has not been completed even after 73 years of India’s independence.

    Even after repeatedly appealing before the government, the bridge over the Nona river has not been constructed. As a result, commuters are leading a life of hardship due to a lack of proper connectivity.

    Doubtful about the government promises, the residents of the villages collected money to build a bamboo bridge through which the commuters travel to connect with the other side risking their life for more than 25 years.

    Every year, the rainy season wash away their bamboo bridge, making their lives more miserable; this year, the bridge was damaged by the rainwater forcing the villagers to reconstruct it with their hard-earned money.

    One of a villager Ramesh Sarma said, “This bridge connects us with the other side of the village where there are schools, colleges and public places, without crossing the river we can’t earn our livelihood its mandatory to travel through this shaky bamboo bridge keeping our lives in danger.”

    “Children who are the future of tomorrow goes to school through this shaky bridge, many times children fall into the river while crossing it, last year more than seven people drowned into the river; this shaky bridge has taken many lives,” added Sarma.

    “We don’t have any expectation from our MLA Bahbesh Kalita as well as Assam Government; we are fed up with the false promises which they give during election time.” said one of the villagers.

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