• Congress leader suggests Badaruddin Ajmal to remain in business rather than politics


    Guwahati: Reacting to the setback of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in the by-elections, a party leader from the Assam state unit of the Congress party has stated that AIUDF chief Badaruddin Ajmal should remain in the field of business rather than politics.

    Reportedly, the criticism came from Jakir Hussain Sikdar, who is the working president of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.

    He also suggested Ajmal to dissolve the party as soon as possible.

    “He is a savvy businessman who understands how to run a successful enterprise. Ajmal should close his party and continue his business all over the world after the big failure in the by-polls,” said Sikdar.

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    Sikdar further stated that similar to the BJP, the AIUDF is also engaged in religion based politics in the state and the people of Assam are well aware about their despicable policies.

    This sharp reaction from the party leader came after AIUDF’s insignificant performance in the just concluded by-elections in the state where the ruling BJP alliance grabbed all the seats.

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