• Electricity department cannot act like Dacoits says, MLA Mrinal Saikia

    Electricity department cannot act like Dacoits says, MLA Mrinal Saikia

    Guwahati: Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Mrinal Saikia slams the electricity department for its failure to provide better service to the people.

    Mr. Saikia, during the assembly session, said, "In Assam Dalal's lands faster than any government scheme. Dalal's would go from place to place where electricity connections are installed and ask people for money lying about providing them a connection."

    "In my constituency, I have noticed there are 500 families deprived of electricity." added.

    Saikia blaming the officers of the electricity department, asserted it fails to curb such operations and also, the companies who are given sub-contracts or contracts are indulged in much of the corruption as there is nobody to observe them.

    Moreover, Saikia pointing to the vast amount of unpaid electricity bills, stated, "It is the sole duty of the meter reader to read the electricity meter and make a bill, but they even hesitate to do that, they never enter inside a house instead, they have been giving an estimated reading."

    As the government has become so active, now the electricity department gives correct bills of thousands and lakhs of rupees. When it fails to pay the bill, the department cuts the electricity connection, says Saikia.

    "People want to pay the electricity dues on time, but the department doesn't provide them the correct bill on time. So yes, our government has ordered the electricity department to collect the electricity dues, but it doesn't mean that they will behave like dacoits," added Saikia criticizing the department.