• Eternal love: Husband accepts wife each time she eloped with 25 different men


    NAGAON: A middle-aged woman and mother-of-three in Assam, has almost created a record, by eloping 25 times with different men in 10 years.

    However, what sounds strange is that, her husband and in-laws accepted her back, each time, without any hesitation.

    The 40-year-old woman from remote Dhing Lahkar village in Nagaon district of Assam is married to Mafizzuddin, a driver by profession, since 2011.

    According to Mafizzuddin, his wife promises not to elope again with any man, every time she returns home after eloping with someone.

    However, her husband laments that she has never kept her promise and keeps on repeating the same again and again.

    The last time Mafizzuddin’s with eloped with another man was on September 4 last, this time leaving behind her 3-month-old son at a neighbour’s house.

    She even took an amount of Rs 22,000 besides other things from the house before eloping this time.

    Though his wife is yet to return, Mafizzuddin states that he would again accept her as he loves her truly and also for the cause of their three small children.

    The couple has two minor sons, the elder aged three years and the younger just three months old. The daughter is the eldest among all and six years old.

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