• Flood alert issued, Siang River flowing above danger level

    Flood alert issued, Siang River flowing above danger level

    Tinsukia: Incessant rains in the past few days have led to the rise in the water level of the Siang River and its tributaries such as Siyom, Simang, Yamne, and Siku. A flood alert has been issued by the East Siang district administration, cautioning people residing in the lower banks of the river, not to venture out for fishing and driftwood collection.

    AS per the local reports, erosion of banks of the river has also been reported from areas like Jarku and 21 Mile in Pasighat and Sigar, Old Borguli, New Borguli, Seram, and Namsing villages under Mebo Sub-Division.

    The Jarku village and 21 Mile areas under Pasighat Municipal Council are also under constant erosion, while acres of agricultural lands, roads, and other infrastructures have been flooded by the rising waters of the Siang River in its left bank.

    The people of Jarku village under PMC were seen carrying out voluntary flood control works.

    Pasighat Municipal Council Ward-4 and Ward8 councilors Rebeka Panyang Megu and Okeng Tayeng were monitoring the area and supervising flood control work.

    Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh water resource department has informed that Siang is overflowing with water levels comparatively higher than the last year.

    Pasigaht water resource department official Gonong Pertin said, “Siang river inflow at Tuting in Upper Siang district near China border has recorded 2.48m increase, so flow level here in the downstream areas may increase further. Today’s flow level has surpassed last year’s highest flow level of 154.29m by 16 cm by 5 PM this evening. And soil erosion was observed at Jarkong area of Pasighat, Sigar and Borguli area under Mebo Sub-Division”.