• For you my love: Man sales his kidney to buy an iPhone for his wife

    For you my love: Man sales his kidney to buy an iPhone for his wife

    Beijing: Nine years ago, a Chinese man sold his kidney and bought an iPhone for his wife. Unfortunately, the man died after a prolonged illness caused due to the removal of his kidney. Well, another man has now taken the same route and sold his kidney to buy an iPhone for his wife.

    Human wants are unending, and so is the desperation to look themselves among the elitist by trying to acquire such expensive products. Financial constraints always forces one to put a halt onto their dreams, but there are a few who go too far, risking their lives to buy these expensive products.

    What happened to the Chinese man is sad and shocking. It is the reality which is happening even in our state as well. Parents, couple go to an extreme length to buy expensive stuff such as bikes, mobile phones, branded stuffs for their loved ones. But at the end, what is their outcome? Debt, mental health breakdown, and in some cases suicides.

    Few months ago, Assam was rattled by illegal organ donation racket where many people from the economically weaker section were lured to sell their kidneys in return for a handsome amount.

    This incident highlights how people from the economically poor background, unthinking of the consequences, take some drastic steps.

    A video has been trending online where It can be seen that a woman always quarreling with her husband to get an i-phone. At last, the husband bought an i-phone for his demanding wife. But for that, he had to sell one of his kidneys. After seeing a bandage on the body of her husband's abdomen, she enquired to know the reason for it. When her husband explained the reason, then only she could understand her mistake.