• Goalpara murder: Mirazul's only crime, he loved her a lot

    Goalpara murder: Mirazul's only crime, he loved her a lot

    Goalpara: What was his crime? Only that he loved her a lot? Why was Mirazul murdered? Why was he killed in such a brutal manner? The sensational Goalpara murder has been left with many open ended questions. The main motive behind the murder, is yet to be revealed.

    Upon the recovery of Mirazul's body behind the backyard of his girlfriend's home in Thepkai, Goalpara, the Baguwan police arrested three suspects identified as Anowar Hussain, Ziyaul Haque, Jahirul Islam. Its only after the revelation of Anowar Hussain, did the police understand what happened on the night of September 26.

    As per reports, Mirazul Islam had gone to his girlfriend’s home in Thepkai area after the latter had called Mirazul at her residence. The girl had called the youth to her home on Friday night. The youth then went to his girlfriend’s home along with one of his friends. Upon reaching the spot, Mirazul then asked his friend to stay outside the girl’s house, while he meet his girlfriend.

    Upon seeing Mirazul taking too long to come out of the house, his friend went to his home and informed his family members about the incident.

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    A hue and cry situation broke out in Mirazul’s home when no news came about his return. The family members then went to look out for their son, but in vain. Finding no clue of Mirazul, his family members then went to the police station to lodge a missing person complaint.

    However, on Sunday, locals find the dead body of a person in the backyard of Mirazul’s girlfriend’s home. The locals immediately inform the police who along with the family members of the victim’s reach the spot. The kin of Mirazul identify his body and later take the body away for post mortem.

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    The police apprehends seven people in connection with Mirazul’s murder case, among which three have been arrested while two others are on the run. Anowar and several others including the girl's brother had beaten up Mirazul Islam at his girlfriend's home. Even after repeated requests by the girl to stop bashing her boyfriend, the mob continued to beat him and later killed him by strangulation.

    The body was then kept inside the bathroom. But sensing the place to be dangerous to hid the body, the assailants then hid the body behind the girl's home to avoid suspicion.

    The police have booked the assailants under Section 365 of the Indian Penal Code for wrongful confinement of a person, either by abduction or kidnapping, with the intent to cause harm to the abducted person.

    Meanwhile, Mirazul's girlfriend has decided to be the state witness as the entire incident took place right in front of her eyes.