• Golaghat: SI caught red handed while taking bribe

    Golaghat: SI caught red handed while taking bribe

    Golaghat: Anti-Corruption Vigilance team arrested SI of Golaghat Police Station, Abdul Jalil on Thursday evening while accepting bribe of Rs.10,000. Jalil was caught red handed while receiving the bribe.

    Meanwhile, the SI was caught red-handed while receiving Rs 10,000 of the total Rs 30,000 bribe money he had negotiated earlier.

    The anti-corruption vigilance team is carrying out an investigation into the case. The vigilance team has not disclosed anything regarding the case yet.

    Meanwhile, under the orders of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam Police has been carrying out a series of raids across the state, cracking down on illegal activities.

    *It is a developing story. Further details are awaited.