• Guwahati University pulls back termination order on contractual teachers


    Guwahati: The order linked with the termination of contractual teachers has been withdrawn by Guwahati University's Vice-Chancellor under Section 8-B(4) of the Guwahati University Act on Tuesday.

    On July 2, the governor of Assam passed an order calling out for the suspension of contractual teachers from Guwahati University, created chaos among students and teachers. 

    Under the sudden announcement by the Gauhati University on the concerned matter, confusion amongst the scholars took place as it disturbed the schedule of online classes for different term levels.

    As per the reports, the contractual teachers of Guwhati University make up to 20% of the total faculty strength; removing might create difficulties during this pandemic. 

    According to the current order issued, a meeting has been programmed with the Academic Council, including Executive Council, on 10th and 12th July.

    The Registrar of the Gauhati University declared that the decision had been taken given the 'deadlock' of the discontinuation of the contractual instructors, staff, and representation of the stakeholder organizations, including other associations and organizations.

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