• IIT Guwahati reopens for students who are fully vaccinated

    Digital Desk: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati has reopened its doors for the students who are fully vaccinated. The campus will reopen in a phase-wise manner. Since the Covid-19 third wave has come down significantly in the last few weeks, the Assam government has lifted curfew restrictions and other pandemic curbs. IIT Guwahati official notification stated that the final year students could return by March 10, and for juniors, it is March 20, 2022. The students are requested to present the valid certification for fully vaccinated proof as they join classes. The official notification stated, "It is recommended that the returning students be fully vaccinated and should produce their vaccination certificates upon arrival. In addition, if a student develops any symptoms during the stay, they should inform the medical section, get tested, and undergo isolation as per the protocol." In the first phase, the campus has reopened for all Ph.D. students and dual degree students. In phase one, coursework students are also asked to join the campus. The students are asked to join between February 19 to March 10, 2022. The campus will open for all master's degree courses in the second phase. The students are asked to join the campus by March 10. Also, in the third phase, all the junior section students are asked to join the campus for classes. While returning to the campus, the students have to fill up their joining details in the IIT Guwahati portal. The Academic Affairs part of the university will issue separate notices for all. The official notification further added, "IITG has on-campus testing, isolation, and vaccination facilities. The medical section of our university follows the guidelines of the Covid-19. Furthermore, IITG has tried to uphold academic excellence through the digital learning process." Also Read: Russia-Ukraine Crisis: India Issues Helpline Numbers for Indian Students Stuck in Ukraine

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