• Journalists gheraoed by unidentified men while collecting information on illegal cannabis farming


    Kalgchia: A team of journalists was gheraoed by a group of unidentified men in Kalgachia, in Barpeta district yesterday while they were returning from the spot, collecting data on illegal cannabis farming. The journalists' team had reached the spot to collect information on illegal farming and persons involved in the illegal trade of cannabis.

    One Nuru Dewani, who was leading the group of unidentified men, intercepted the team of journalists and started asking the name of the journalist who was leading the investigation.

    The journalist team, later on, was rescued by the Barbhita police who took them to the police station and registered a case against the miscreants including Nuru Dewani for intercepting the journalists from performing their duty.

    The team of journalists had received information of rampant illegal cannabis trade and farming in the area, for which they had gone to the area to collect further info. The team was then spotted recording the cannabis farm in their cameras, following which the owners of the farms slash and burn down the plants.

    Upon receiving the information of a team of journalists video recording and collecting information of the illegal farming, Nuru Dewani and 6 other men reached the spot to intercept the team.

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