• Meghalaya Kongthong Village nominated for UNWTO 'Best Tourism Village' Tag


    Shillong: The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) nominated Kongthong Village in Meghalaya under 'Best Tourism Village.' The organization has also chosen two other villages for the same category.

    The additional two villages that have been selected are Pochampally of Telangana and Ladhpura Khas in Madhya Pradesh.

    Kongthong village of Meghalaya is also popularly recognized as the whistling village. The village gained popularity among travelers for its sole-aged culture. As per the tradition, a mother does not call her child by name but rather uses a whistle form of the tune.

    The village covered with the lushes of Meghalaya's Sorah and Pynursla ridges attracts tourists for its beauty and tranquility. The place is known for its blanket of green lushes.

    The whistling village community members still follow the ancient tradition. The people of the village communicate with each other through singing or some tunes.

    Interestingly, every village resident is known by a tune, simply like we are known by our names.

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