• More than 700 Myanmar Nationals entered Mizoram last week seeking refuge: Report


    Aizawl: As per a latest media report, more than 700 Myanmar nationals entered Mizoram seeking refuge from the Military Junta in Myanmar. The Nationals escaped from Myanmar, fearing execution, house arrests following the military coup and ousting the ruling political party headed by Aung Saan Suu Kyi on corruption charges.

    The entrants included mostly civilians including pregnant women, children and senior citizens. Altogether, a total of 10,025 Myanmar nations sneaked into Mizoram following the military coup that occurred in February, news agency PTI reported.

    Among the refugees, at least 22 of them are members of the Myanmar parliament.

    On June 14, the Chief Minister of Myanmar’s Chin state, Salai Lian Luai, had crossed over to Mizoram

    However, a sizeable number of Myanmarese refugees have already returned to their country.

    Quoting data of the state police, a police officer said 195 people from Myanmar have entered Champhai district between June 15 and June 26.

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