• New Public Toilet Inaugurated By Minister Ashok Singhal in Ganeshguri


    Guwahati: Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs and Irrigation, Ashok Singhal was seen inaugurating a public toilet in Guwahati yesterday.

    The Public Toilet is located under Ganeshguri Flyover.

    While addressing media persons, Singhal said that a public toilet will be constructed under each and every flyover in Guwahati very soon.

    Around 50 toilets will be constructed in various parts of the city, the minister said.

    Lions Club of Guwahati will be maintaining these public toilets.

    He also mentioned that a budget of Rs 100 crore has been allotted for street lights in the city and arrangements to install state-of-the-art traffic signals are also in process.

    The drinking water problem that people have been facing for a long time will be resolved within 3 years of time.

    Meanwhile, Guwahati already has around 94 public toilets throughout the city and these additional toilets will make it more convenient for the general public.

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