• New species of frog discovered in Arunachal Pradesh

    New species of frog discovered in Arunachal Pradesh

    New Delhi: A new species of frog from the Adi hills, Arunachal Pradesh has been identified by a team of researchers from Delhi University along with biologists from the Wildlife Institute of India and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, USA.

    The new species of cascade frog has been named Adi Cascade Frog (Amolops adicola) after the Adi tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

    The findings have been published in the Journal of Natural History, London in its scientific article titled “Phylogenetic position of the poorly known montane cascade frog Amolops monticola and description of a new closely related species from Northeast India.”

    Reportedly, the discoveries came after the biologists analyze a group of medium to large size Cascade frogs from Northeast India over the last five years.

    A researcher stated, “The Cascade frogs are named so due to their likings for small waterfalls in flowing hill streams.”

    “The new species was detected out on the basis of multiple criteria, such as external morphology, calling pattern and DNA.” it added.