• One died, while another survived: The miracle baby of Majuli boat tragedy

    One died, while another survived: The miracle baby of Majuli boat tragedy

    Jorhat: The Majuli boat tragedy replicated life and death in two different stories on Wednesday.

    A mother who lost her daughter Parimita Das in front of her eyes while Minati Misong, getting back her child Nayanmani Misong is no less than a miracle.

    Horrifying scenes of desperation screams splashed across cameras as the entire state of Assam stood numb watching the people drowning at Majuli. Two vessels, one a private boat, while the other, a ferry owned by the Inland Water Transport, coming from opposite directions collided with each other leading to one of the vessels 'Ma Kamala' sinking completely with people screaming for help.

    Amid this, a two month old baby was rescued by one of the passengers. Smiles splashed on the faces who were caressing the baby, looking for his mother. His survival was a miracle and hope for more survivors arose as rescue teams plunged into the river to look for more survivors.

    The two month old baby, identified as Nayanmani Misong, was being taken care of by the people on the ghat during which a body of a girl was fished out.

    The girl was Parimita Das, whose death has left everyone shaken in the entire state.

    The two month old Nayanmani Misong is in Jorhat Medical College and Hospital, undergoing treatment for minor injuries.

    A pall gloom descends; loud wailing can be heard at a distance, as neighbours, near and dear ones reach Parimita's Kahilipara home to pay their last respects to the young girl, who lost her life in the tragic boat accident.

    As per reports, the two month old baby is hale and hearty and being comforted by her mother, who is also a victim of the tragedy.

    Parimita couldn't survive the tragedy, but Nayanmani lives, and might retell his story of survival when he grows up