• People collected Rs 28 lakhs in the name of no eviction: CM Sarma

    People collected Rs 28 lakhs in the name of no eviction: CM Sarma

    Guwahati: While speaking about the Gorukhuti incident, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma claimed that through an intelligence report it came to light that some people collected Rs 28 lakhs in the last three months, proclaiming that there will be no eviction.

    CM Sarma further added that those few suspicious people mobilized the public and created havoc when they failed to restrain the eviction.

    “One day before the incident, Popular Front of India (PFI) visited the villagers in the name of carrying food items to the evicted families. Already, we have identified six persons connected with it. Various evidence is now emerging, implicating certain people, including a lecturer.” asserted CM Sarma.

    Earlier, CM Sarma stated that the eviction was done after taking the consent of the people.

    “Before starting the eviction drive district authority ask the permission of the people in a meeting, they promised that no interruption will take place in the eviction process. But suddenly on the respective day, thousands of people created chaos and disturbances.” said CM Sarma.

    Recently, the Home and Political department of the state government have decided to institute an inquiry into the matter, which will be chaired by a retired judge of Gauhati High Court.