• Present SOP to continue till July 18, New containment zones can be set up in Guwahati


    The Assam State Government will likely announce the new Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) by July 18. According to the sources, new containment zones are to be declared in Guwahati as the cases have been rising. Sonitpur District will come with new curfew relaxation. 

    There is also a mulling of the new rule for providing licences for home delivery of liquor by wine shops in Guwahati. If the sources are believed to be true, then ot could be implemented in the Guwahati in the next SOP. The procedure is still on hold now, for the government still needs to deal with the identification of a person by its age and person orders. As for the people who have been seen doing evening walks post the curfew timings in their respective localities, the state government asked the Kamrup (M) police to implement Covid-19 protocols strictly. 

    In a tweet, Assam State Health Minister Keshab Mahanta said, "Directed the Kamrup (M) Police & Administration to intensify vigilance at the entrances to the district from Morigaon, Goalpara & Kamrup. JTF of 3 police districts & admin to strictly implement #COVID19 protocols & to take stringent action against lawbreakers wef Thursday." He also said, "Ardent request to people, esply parents of children below 18 yrs, to not jeopardize their lives or their families by flouting the rules."

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