• RailTel implements AI-Based Attendance for Schools: Assam

    RailTel implements AI-Based Attendance for Schools: Assam

    Guwahati: On Wednesday, the state-owned RailTel Corporation of India Ltd announced it had executed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based attendance policy for 48,000 state schools across Assam.

    "The policy includes 48,000 schools in all 33 regions. RailTel has configured, customised, and extended this AI-based naming method for taking attendance across all the primary, secondary, and higher secondary institutions," it appended.

    The entire design cost for RailTel is Rs 19.20 crore, out of which Rs 12 crore is a one-time payment being issued post completion of the plan.

    The expense for support of the scheme is Rs 3.96 crore per year with a range of AMC for two years in the contemporary scope of work. RailTel has finished this project in four months.

    Discussing the project, RailTel chairman and MD Puneet Chawla stated that with the pandemic quickly transforming the world, all major sectors like health and education are rolling towards cutting end digital technologies to readjust to the current normal.