• Section 144 imposed in Kamrup Rural

    Section 144 imposed in Kamrup Rural

    Guwahati: The District Administration of Kamrup Rural has imposed Section 144 after a late evening order issued yesterday. It is being assumed that some unspecified persons or group of persons or organizations/ associations may cause breach of public peace and tranquillity, and disturb normal public life and general administration at any unspecified places within the district of Kamrup. Therefore, the order is enforced with immediate effect and shall be remained in force until further order.

    Following the clamping of Section 144, certain protocols have to be observed:-

    1. Assembly of five or more persons at any public place with the intention to carry out processions and slogans which may incite public in any/place/highways/roads and shouting slogans inciting communal violence at any place.
    2. Carrying out arms/ammunition/explosives/ weapons of any nature in any public place including processions/rally/meeting etc. and in any vehicle including two or three wheelers.
    3. Gambling in any public place and use of loud speakers throughout the district of Kamrup prohibited.