• Shame Shame Guwahatians! Pan & Gutka stains canvassed on Dispur flyover even before inauguration


    Guwahati: Even before inauguration, the beautifully painted Dispur flyover has got a new art on its walls - Pan and Gutka stains.

    Few uncivilized citizens have put their ‘stamp’ on the new pride of Guwahati, raising condemnation from netizens and the art group who was commissioned to paint the newly constructed flyover.

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    The newly constructed flyover has been painted red with pan and gutka stains.

    The incident of spitting pan or gutka on the newly constructed bridge has given rise to sharp reactions on social media, the photos of which have now gone viral.

    Netizens have denounced such activity in strong words and urged the people to keep the bridge neat and clean. They have also urged the government to impose heavy penalty on people who don’t take even few seconds to dirty their city that has been beautified by the efforts of the government and the young generation involved in the public projects.

    This is not the first time people have shown disrespect to the public property. Earlier too, people adorned the walls of Ganeshguri flyover with pan and gutka stains, just few days after its inauguration.

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