• Shorts stigma haunts Biswanath girl; made to wrap curtain to sit for exam

    Shorts stigma haunts Biswanath girl; made to wrap curtain to sit for exam

    Bishwanath: A female candidate was barred from appearing for an entrance test at a private educational institute in Assam’s Tezpur area because she was wearing shorts.

    This outrageous incident took place in Biswanath's Girijananda Choudhury Pharmaceutical Sciences, where the Agricultural Entrance Test was being held.

    It is being reported that the student was stopped from entering the exam hall by the authorities of the institution allegedly as her dress was 'inappropriate'. The girl reportedly called up her father and told him about the incident. When her father arrived, he reportedly tried to buy full-length pants for her but the authorities gave her a curtain to cover herself.

    The girl was finally permitted to give the test after she wore the curtain.

    Talking to the media, the girl alleged that the authorities built pressure on her just a few minutes before the test started. She said, ” It is a kind of harassment. In the admit card, there was no mention about the dress code.” Her father called out the injustice towards his daughter and the embarrassment they had to face just because she wore 'shorts' to the examination centre.

    Meanwhile, the girl has been facing a barrage of trolls, memes on her choice of dress while appearing for an exam.

    While some have objected to the girl's choice of dress for the exam, few have even tutored her on social media about the right decorum while appearing for an examination.