• Sister perform Parimita's final rituals as Assam bids her a tearful adieu

    Sister perform Parimita's final rituals as Assam bids her a tearful adieu

    Guwahati: The Nimatighat-Majuli Ferry accident that took place in Assam on Wednesday, shook the whole state to the core.

    Parimita Das, an Assamese professor at the Rangachahi College in Majuli and a resident of Guwahati, lost her life in the boat tragedy.

    Her mortal remains were brought to her Guwahati residence in Kahilipara, where a sea of mourners was waiting to pay their last respects.

    A pall of gloom descended across the state, as soon the news of her tragic death flashed across tv screens.

    Parimita's mother is inconsolable. Pari, as she was lovingly called by her loved ones, and her mother was planning to travel to Anthkheliya on the occasion of Madhavdev’s tithi. However, they were not able to pay the visit to Anthkheliya as the ferry services were suspended due to the rise of Brahmaputra river water.

    On Wednesday, on the opportunity of Shankardev Tithi, Parimita and her mother were making their journey to Anthkheliya Namghar and the unfortunate incident took place where Parimita had to lose herself to the River Brahmaputra.

    A mother lost her child, right in front of her eyes. The pain and agony the woman is facing on losing her daughter is unimaginable.

    Parimita's final journey began from her Guwahati residence. Her mortal remains were exhumed by her sister who performed the funeral rites at Nabagraha crematorium.