• Sting Operation: Government office turns into a bar at night; officials unperturbed


    Silchar: Forest officials deployed in shifts by the government, are enrolled with a designated responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of the forest land, wildlife and prevent any untoward mishap or illegal activities in side the forest area. What if, instead of carrying out their designated duties, they are caught having a gala time inside their government office?

    The office of the Divisional Forest, Cachar Forest Division is an important government office holding the responsibility for the forest land wildlife in its jurisdiction. Rangers thus administered evening or night shifts are responsible for to be proactive during their duty shifts as miscreants and poachers get active at night time.

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    But, the Silchar Divisional Forest office turns into a bar at night. On duty officials on the government's payroll switch off their vigilance mode to submerge in the party mood.

    Locals had just heard it through rumours, but after a sting operation conducted by a local channel, the rumours turned into reality, exposing the dark secrets inside the Silchar Forest Office.

    In a room next to the Protection Ranger’s Office, a man in uniform Dhrubajyoti Purkayastha and surveyor on duty Soumya Kanti Sinha (Rana) were seen consuming alcohol. Sobohori Sinha, protection ranger cum Silchar Sadar Incharge – Ranger was also under the influence of alcohol, however, he moved away from the room and sat on his table pretending to work. There were more than three empty glasses suggesting there were more than three.

    The officials try to escape upon seeing the cameras. Some hid inside the trucks standing near the office, while few others managed to escape.

    Sibohori Sinha, protection ranger cum Silchar Sadar Incharge – Ranger was asked about the activities in the room adjacent to his office. The ranger was left with no answers and said that he had no clue about the happenings inside the office.

    Still, a person holding such an important post in the government office, stating to have no clue, does raise serious questions on their credibility as the public servant.

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