• Tripura: Rise in discontentment amid the Bengali Speaking community, Amra Bengali stage protest agai


    Agartala: There has been a rising discontentment among the Bengali speaking community of Tripura following the passing of the Tipraland Bill. Amra Bengali took out a rally in protest against the Bill that was passed in the ADC session four days back.

    The Bill was introduced by the ruling Tipra Matha party in the House. However, the opposition BJP MDCs did not oppose the Bill.

    But the State Committee of Amra Bangali protested against the Bill in the old motor stand area here on Monday.

    Amra Bangali state secretary Gouranga Pal said, “Tripura is a state inhabited by mixed communities.”

    “The Sixth Schedule Act may not apply here. The Constitution has been amended during the Left period. The ADC area covers three parts of the state. Jobs and land rights are limited to the Bengalis,” he said.

    “They are moving towards forming Tipraland with the whole of Tripura in the name of Greater Tipraland. This claim is unfair, unreasonable and unacceptable,” he asserted.

    “The leftists followed the same path. We call upon all to stand up against this conspiracy in the coming days,” said Gouranga Rudrapal, secretary of the State Committee of Amra Bangali.

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