• Two abducted minors from Guwahati, Tetelia found in Bihar

    Two abducted minors from Guwahati, Tetelia found in Bihar
    Two young boys were abducted in Tetelia, Guwahati, and were rescued within 24 hours with the help of...

    Digital Desk: On Thursday night, two minor boys were abducted from Tetelia, Guwahati. Within 24 hours, with the assistance of Bihar police, they were rescued from Bihar by the Guwahati police.

    No one has been detained as of yet in connection to the kidnapping investigation. Vivek aged 8 yrs and Ajit aged 5 yrs old, both were taken away while playing from their home in Tetelia under the Maligaon outpost, according to the police. The kidnappers promptly took off after lifting them into a Wagon R car. 

    The victim's father, Madan Roy, filed an FIR at the Maligaon outpost the following day at night, starting a police investigation. Madan Roy claimed in the FIR that he believed certain individuals from Bihar were responsible for the kidnapping of his kids. The kidnappers demanded Rs 5 lakh, and if the parents did not comply, they were threatened with being shot.

    The West Guwahati Police District force was able to locate the kids with the assistance of the Bihar Police. They are being held at the Mahua Police Station after being located in the Vaishali District. However, after learning of the police inquiry, the kidnappers released the youngsters.

    The victim's father, Madan Roy, and the West Guwahati Police District team have arrived in Bihar. A police source claims that the kidnapping was carried out because of a personal disagreement.