• Update: Kidney Racket Prime Accused Plaban Barthakur’s Bail Denied by the Gauhati High Court


    Guwahati: Gauhati High Court on Tuesday, denied bail to the main accused in the kidney racket case, Plaban Barthakur along with Mintu Das, who is also a co-accused in the case.

    The Gauhati High Court gave its hearing today in the major Kidney Trafficking case which took place in the state a few months ago.

    The bail has been denied as there is enough proof against the accused.

    Makhan Phukan argued in court on behalf of the government in the Kidney Trafficking case.

    In July, various cases of organ trafficking were reported in Assam. The prime accused Plaban Barthakur was arrested by the police on allegation of involvement in the Kidney Trafficking case in Assam.

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