• Ushering a new beginning: Assam Government to spend Rs 1000 cr in developmental works in Karbi regio


    Guwahati: On Saturday, the Assam government signed the Karbi Anglong Accord ending the decade-old crises among the government and the regional militant groups.

    Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma signed the accord under the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah at New Delhi.

    Around 1000 cadres of more than five organizations joined the mainstream and surrendered 300 sophisticated arms.

    Moreover, according to the agreement, the Assam government will spend Rs 1000 crores to develop the Karbi region in 5 years.

    Post signing, the accord CM Sarma said, “It is a very big achievement now peace will be restored in the state.”

    “We will work for the rehabilitation of 1000 militants who have surrendered with over 300 sophisticated arms; they will be given reservation in the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council”, added CM Sarma.

    Union Minister Amit Shah said, “Karbi Anglong Accord will be written in golden words in the history of Karbi region and Assam. It is the policy of Narendra Modi government that we fulfil all the promises made in an accord during our tenure itself.”

    “Central and State Government is fully committed to the rehabilitation of 1000 cadres of more than five organizations who have joined the mainstream today.” added the Home Minister.

    Further, claiming that the Bodoland agreement has almost met all the conditions that the government had promised, Amit Shah said, “Be it Bodoland agreement, Bru agreement or NLFT agreement, the government has met more than 80 per cent of the conditions.”

    Assuring that five organizations and Assam CM will fulfil all the conditions, Amit Shah said, “All the conditions laid out in the accord will be fulfilled within the designated time frame, paving the way for long-lasting peace and development in Karbi Anglong region.

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