• Uzan Bazaar Murder Case Update: New revelations, more arrests expected

    Uzan Bazaar Murder Case Update: New revelations, more arrests expected

    Guwahati: After the arrest of Ashik Gupta, cousin of Wednesday's Uzan Bazaar murder victim Dimple Kumawat, the police is expecting more arrests in the case as investigating team stumble more information in the brutal murder of the teenage girl.

    Ashik's mother will also be arrested in connection with the murder case. During interrogation, it has been revealed that Ashik's mother knew about the incident since the beginning, but tried to hide it from everyone.

    The police claim that both Ashik and his mother tried to waylaid the investigation team so as to avoid suspicion.

    Meanwhile Ashik's mother has been summoned for questioning.

    The police will submit an appeal to the Gauhati High Court demanding custody of Ashik Gupta for further interrogation.

    Dimple Kumawat, a 14 year old teenage girl was found brutally murdered inside her home on 1 September, 2021. The victim was a student of class 8, of an English Medium School in Guwahati. She was alone in the house as her parents – Ashok Kumawat (father) and Anjali Kumawat (mother)– had proceeded like other days to run their fast food joint in the area. The mutilated body was first discovered by her aunt at around noon.

    The police had detained three suspects – Ashik Gupta (cousin), Ashik’s friend Karan Das and one of the renters for questioning.

    Ashik Gupta admitted to killing his cousin Dimple in a fit of rage after getting involved in an altercation. Since the beginning of the investigation, the needle of suspicion was pointing directly towards Ashik, as he continued to change his statements during the interrogation.

    Ashik's finger prints matched to the ones found on the pressure cooker and grinding mortar (Bota Guti in Assamese), used for killing Dimple. It was after this revelation that Ashik confessed to his crime.