• Violent situation erupts in Darrang's Dholpur; police resort to tear gas, rubber bullets


    Darrang: Most of the encroachers who were evicted, protested against the police and the administration, leading to a heated situation. Protesters tried to attack police personnel with blunt weapons, after which the latter resorted to tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the violent protesters.

    The police had to even fire blank shot s in the air to make the protesters disperse from the area. Yet, the encroachers stood there, raising voices against the administration and the police. The protesters also pelted stones on the police personnel for carrying out the eviction drive.

    At least two protesters were killed and eight were injured in the incident. On the other hand, two policemen have received serious injuries during the heated situation.

    The situation is still not under control and the number of injured might rise up.

    Meanwhile, many politicians have condemned the actions of the police on the protesters.

    *It is a developing story. More details awaited

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