• Zubeen Garg now out of Danger, "But He Will Be Kept in ICU" reports Doctor

    Zubeen Garg now out of Danger, "But He Will Be Kept in ICU" reports Doctor
    Zubeen fainted unexpectedly yesterday night while working at a studio, and he requested that his family take him to the hospital...

    Digital Desk: Zubeen Garg, Assam's heartthrob and singing sensation, got hospitalised while working on a song at a studio yesterday night and was taken to Nemcare Hospital in the city.

    According to reports, Zubeen is no longer in danger; nonetheless, he will be kept under medical surveillance in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the rest of the day.

    Dr. Hitesh Baruah, Managing Director of the private hospital, told the media, "There is nothing to worry about, Zubeen is not in danger; however, we will keep him under medical observation for the day. All relevant evaluation is being carried out."

    Dr. Baruah further stated that Zubeen collapsed last night while working at a studio and that he advised his family to take him to the hospital.

    "We have already begun our conservative treatment, and once we receive Zubeen's final medical reports, we will be able to begin the lineup treatments. He has no internal injuries and is responding to us, which is a good sign," the doctor continued.

    The hospital's managing director went on to say that he had already secured a cabin for the singer and that he would be moved in once all of the medical results were received.

    Meanwhile, Zubeen had blood, blood pressure, ECG, and other tests.

    Zubeen Garg earlier fell ill in 2020 and after that in 2021 due to high blood pressure. In 2022, he was hospitalized in Dibrugarh, Assam, and suffered a minor head injury, seizure, and epileptic fit, requiring stitches.