• Junmoni Rabha Death case: 'mysterious murder' of SI Junmoni Rabha marks the 10th day since her death

    Junmoni Rabha Death case: 'mysterious murder' of SI Junmoni Rabha marks the 10th day since her death

    On 16th May, SI Junmoni also called Lady Singham of Assam Police was mysteriously murdered, today marks her 10th-day homage ceremony...

    Digital Desk: Today marks the tenth homage ceremony day of SI Junmoni Rabha's death, and no significant development has been made in her case, which is quite disappointing.

    Going back to May 16th, news of Junmoni Rabha's death accident broke on this day. At the time, it was reported that her car had collided with a truck; however, soon after, many statements were changed, and each day, another element of the case was added. The murder mystery of Junmoni has not yet been solved.

    Junmoni Rabha came into the limelight after she arrested her fiancé on allegations of fraud. She was referred to as 'Lady Singham' or 'Dabangg cop' for her harsh stance towards criminals.

    It was stated that Junmoni Rabha's car struck head-on with a container truck, whose owner fled the scene. She was not in uniform and was travelling alone at the time of the event. She was in command of the Morikolong police outpost.

    FIR lodged against her before the Accident:

    It should be noted that An FIR was registered against Junmoni Rabha on Monday at North Lakhimpur Police Station under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) such as criminal conspiracy, dacoity, robbery, attempt to cause death, wrongful confinement, and extortion, according to Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Gyanendra Pratap Singh.

    The case was brought in response to a woman's allegation.

    According to the DGP, the police in Lakhimpur and Nagaon districts "took lawful action in response to the registration of crime."

    Impartial Probe demanded by family:

    Junmoni Rabha's family members have asked Himanta Biswa Sarma to conduct an impartial investigation into her death.

    Sumitra Rabha, the deceased lady cop's mother, claimed it was a case of a pre-planned murder "by some unidentified racket" and demanded justice by punishing the culprits of the "planned" disaster.

    Junmoni Rabha's aunt, Subarna Bodo, stated, "On Monday night, a team of higher police officials conducted a raid at Junmoni's official quarter in Nagaon and seized around Rs 1 lakh." Her mother was also there throughout the attack."

    Junmoni's mother stated that the money came from her home-based poultry and pig farming business.

    Protest held by organizations:

    The death of sub-inspector Junmoni Rabha has sparked outrage throughout Assam. On Wednesday, hundreds of members of various Rabha outfits blocked the National Highway 17 in Sakhati and Bamunigaon in Kamrup Rural District. On May 19, they staged a demonstration.

    The rally was organised by the Rabha Student's Union (ARSU), the Sixth Schedule Demand Committee (SSDC), the Rabha Women Council (ARWC), the Rabha Sahitya Sabha, and other sister organisations.

    Recently, Inspector Manoj Rajbongshi, the officer-in-charge (OC) of the Nagaon Sadar Police Station, has been suspended in connection with the unusual death of sub-inspector (SI) Junmoni Rabha.

    Hasina Begum, an informant for the departed Assam police SI Junmoni Rabha also made some shocking claims. She stated that the accident that killed Assam police SI Junmoni Rabha was part of a "pre-planned" plot to murder her.

    The informant also aimed significant allegations against the officer-in-charge (OC) of the Nowboicha police station, Sanjeeb Bora, alleging that he is involved in the fake gold nexus.

    Hasina Begum has also claimed that the Nowboicha OC threatened Junmoni Rabha.

    Sumitra Rabha's health deteriorates after Junmoni Rabha's death 

    Sumitra Rabha, the mother of Junmoni Rabha, whose death has prompted a widespread protest in the state, was admitted to Guwahati's Hayat Hospital. 

    According to reports, Junmoni Rabha's mother has been suffering from respiratory problems and was admitted to the hospital recently.

    Leena Doley's involvement in SI Junmoni's Death Case:

    Leena Doley, an Assam Police Service (APS) officer who was removed as Superintendent of Police (SP) of Nagaon district following the death of a 30-year-old female police officer in a mysterious road accident, came under scrutiny multiple times during her tenure as the district's police chief for a variety of reasons.

    Thousands of social media users have attacked Leena Doley and blamed her for the death of SI Junmoni Rabha.

    Sumitra Rabha, SI Junmoni's mother, filed a FIR at Jakhalabandha police station on May 19, saying that her daughter had been murdered.

    Sumitra Rabha named SP Leena Doley and three other police officers in the FIR.  She further claimed that on the night of the inexplicable accident, a team of Nagaon police commanded by SP Doley, who is currently the SP of Hailakandi district, raided Junmoni's official residence.

    Surprisingly, the Assam government has been accused of shielding SP Doley by taking no action against her.

    Further investigation on Junmoni's death case 

    On May 25 night, the criminal investigation department (CID) seized bogus gold dealer Riyazul Islam in connection with the ongoing inquiry into the killing of Assam police SI Junmoni Rabha.

    Based on sources, Riyazul is a resident of Nowboicha in Lakhimpur who described himself as SI Junmoni Rabha's driver.

    According to the preliminary inquiry, a Rs 90,000 transaction was conducted using Riyazul's UPI ID, and he was allegedly in contact with SI Jonmani Rabha and one Hasina Begum. 

    Amina Khatun reported that Rs 90,000 was transferred to Riyazul's UPI ID. Riyazul is now being held in the Nagaon Superintendent of Police's office.

    Previously, Hasina Begum, an informant of deceased Assam police SI Junmoni Rabha, claimed that the accident in which he died was part of a "pre-planned" scheme to assassinate her.

    She further alleged that the charge filed against Junmoni Rabha at the Lakhimpur police station on May 15 was without merit.

    In fact, she claimed that the complainant's son, Ajgar Ali, was involved in the bogus gold transaction.

    Junmoni's death has created a major setback for Assam's Police department, the state is waiting for her murder mystery to resolve soon.