• "Was literally blank when I won final point in bronze medal match", says Sindhu

    "Was literally blank when I won final point in bronze medal match", says Sindhu

    Tokyo: Indian Athlete PV Sindhu succeeds in winning the bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020. After winning, Sindhu said she was blank after winning the final point, and it took her five-six seconds to understand what she had accomplished.

    On Sunday, she was displayed as the first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals. Sindhu beat China's He Bing Jiao in the bronze medal competition.

    "Well, I am very satisfied and of course, receiving a medal for the nation is a proud moment. That too, back-to-back, in Rio, it was silver and now it is bronze, so I am really happy," stated Sindhu to a virtual press conference.

    She added, "Well, throughout the bronze medal competition, initially following the semifinals, I was a little down. My trainer and physio assured me that it is not finished yet. There were different sentiments following the semifinal, should I be unhappy or be pleased that I have another opportunity? At the bronze medal competition, I woke up and recalled that I wanted to deliver my best."

    "Winning a medal for the nation at the Olympics is a very big thing," she continued.

    Sindhu beat Bing Jiao 21-13, 21-15 in the bronze medal match that lasted 52 minutes. Sindhu had previously gained a silver medal at the Rio Olympics 2016.

    "Until the last time, we concluded that it was not finished yet even though I was heading. Following the closing point was over, I was completely blank. It is a big moment, I hugged my coach after the match was completed, he has had a bring enrichment. After 5-6 seconds, I yelled," stated Sindhu.

    During communication with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PV Sindhu stated that she would have ice cream after returning from the Games.