• ICC is Confident Teams Will Travel to Pakistan for Champions Trophy

    ICC is Confident Teams Will Travel to Pakistan for Champions Trophy

    New Delhi: The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that teams will have no reservation travelling to Pakistan for the 2025 Champions Trophy, marking the return of the big tournament in Pakistan after more than a decade despite objections to that part of the world.

    The ICC last week gave Pakistan the right to host the 2025 Champions Trophy. The last time Pakistan hosted an ICC tournament was the 1996 World Cup, when it co-hosted it with India and Sri Lanka.

    Since, 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore, it has not been able to host any international games in the country.

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    While addressing the media, ICC Chairman Greg Barclay said, “The answer is absolutely yes according to what we are seeing so far.”

    “ICC cricket event is coming back to Pakistan after many years. All of it with the exception of what happen in past has gone ahead.” added Barclay.

    Notably, in September this year, New Zealand and England cancelled the bilateral tours to Pakistan due to security issues.

    Further, stressing about giving the hosting rights to Pakistan, Barclay said, “We wouldn’t have given the hosting rights to Pakistan if we had think that they were not capable of hosting it.”

    He said it would be an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to host an international tournament after a long period.

    Notably, till now, there has been no public announcement about the participation of team India in the Champions Trophy. Since 2012, after the terrorist attack in India, no bilateral games were being played between the two countries.

    Last week, Sports Minister Anurag Thakur stated that time will say if India will participate in the Champions Trophy or not as there are still security issues for International teams to tour the neighbouring country.