• Six Tokyo Olympic torch staffers identified with Covid-19

    Six Tokyo Olympic torch staffers identified with Covid-19

    Tokyo: Six people diagnosed with Covid-19 who helped on the relay in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima on April 27, Tokyo 2020 

    The organisers stated “ All of them assisted with traffic control and wore masks, three of them helped in the city of Amami and other three in the city of Kirishima”. 

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    Two other people helping with the torch relay on the southern island of Shikoku were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last month, including a police officer who guided traffic in Kagawa prefecture. 

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    At this crucial state, the Tokyo 2020 organisers urged people to follow up the Covid-19 protocols. The locals are largely opposing the Olympics fearing the event will lead to more Covid-19 infections. However, the Japanese authorities assured to follow the Covid-19 protocols and protect the game participants. 

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    Earlier, last month Japan was declared a Covid-19 state of emergency for the major population centres of Tokyo and Osaka. The games were delayed by a year due to pandemic and it was scheduled to open by July 23.