• The four legged all-rounder: Our loyal dogs

    The four legged all-rounder: Our loyal dogs

    India's cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar usually shares videos of dogs on his social media handles, showing the cute yet loyal world of the canines.

    In one such video shared by Sachin, the dog can be seen performing the dual role of a wicketkeeper and fielder with ease. The former cricketer captioned the video as, "Received this from a friend and I must say, those are some 'sharp' ball catching skills We've seen wicket-keepers, fielders and all-rounders in cricket, but what would you name this?"

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    One fan replied to Sachin's post and called the dog a "Perfect All-rounder".

    Meanwhile, another fan said that the dog reminded him of the famous Bollywood movie Lagaan. "Reminds me of movie lagaan. Wicket keeper is running towards mid wicket to fetch the ball", he wrote.

    The post surely brought back those nostalgic feeling where many reiterated their childhood memories, where one would be forced to run and bring back the ball to the bowler.

    What about you? Any nostalgic memories to share?