• Tokyo Olympics: Karsten Warholm breaks 400m hurdles World Record, tore open his jersey in triumph


    Tokyo: Norway’s dual world champion Karsten Warholm breaks his own world record in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics 400m hurdles to win a gold medal by finishing it 45.94 seconds by breaking the old mark by .76.

    Earlier, on Tuesday, Warholm cracked Kevin Young’s 29-year world record with a time record of 46.70 seconds.

    United States Rai Benjamin secured the second position by finishing it in 46.17, breaking the record 46.7 that Warholm set last month. Brazilian Alison dos Santos took the bronze in 46.72 seconds in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics.

    After securing the gold medal in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, Warholm tore open his jersey with a look of amazement on his face.

    Post winning Warholm said, “You know the cliché that it hasn’t sunk in yet? I don’t think it has, but I feel ecstatic.”

    “I can’t believe myself; it’s so fast. So many times I asked myself about perfect race, I said it doesn’t exist, but this is the closest I ever come,” added Warholm.

    Stressing about his medal collection Warholm asserted I couldn’t describe how important it is for me; this is what I used to do from morning to night

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