Taking care of your Mental Health: In the Post Pandemic World

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. In all its simplicity it means ‘being able to feel emotionally at peace’. 

We have always been taught to tirelessly run and keep up with the World’s chaos. So much so that, we end up ignoring the chaos within. For most of us, the endless quest to do better, score higher, earn more, had helped us ignore the existence of our emotional baggage, because we did not have the time to sit and feel what we were feeling. We created a dump yard of ‘It’s not the right time,’ in our subconscious where we dumped the breakups, failures, traumas, and everything else labeled ‘negative’. 

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had left all of us with too much time for introspection. That’s when the dump yard started bothering us more than ever because we did not have other things to keep us engaged. In the hindsight, it helped us give mental health well-being its due importance.

A large part of mental health struggle is feeling ‘worthless’ and the pandemic has significantly decreased the opportunities for us to feel productive. The hardships caused by the pandemic had many people lose their jobs due to the economic crisis, while those who have jobs still continue working from homes.

In times where it appears to look like we may be moving towards adapting to the ‘New Normal’, it is crucial for us to consciously practice mental health wellbeing in our day to day lives: re-connect with people you lost touch, offer help and support to those in need, be vocal about things that trouble you, look after your sleep, eat well, try to address difficult feelings, do things you enjoy and set small goals every day.

2020 is not the year to count your achievements, it is absolutely okay to have achieved nothing of great significance this year. Just maintaining sanity itself was an achievement.

Mental health wellness is not a task or an additional investment, it is you in your wholeness and how you choose to take little steps each day for yourself. Know that you deserve to live and you deserve to be happy and it’s really important to remember this on days when you might not want to believe it. 

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.”  -Timber Hawkeye 

If you know you’re experiencing more than just feeling ‘low’ or ‘worried’, please seek help. You don’t have to suffer alone, there are people that will listen to you, and are available for help.

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