• Gizmore Co-founder, Manish Gupta says, we foresee ourselves as one of the top-3 brands in the indust

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    Gizmore Co-founder, Manish Gupta says, we foresee ourselves as one of the top-3 brands in the indust

    To be considered pioneering or innovative, a brand must strive persistently to come up with new ideas and bring something new to the table that will capture the consumer's attention and that''s what Gizmore, India's leading smart accessories& home audio brand is all about.

    The Delhi-based Gizmore from ZAZZ Technology Connect Pvt Ltd is a bit new brand of mobile accessories as compared with other old settled brands in market but due to the Co-founder, Manish Gupta's dedication and passion towards technology, Gizmore is successfully able to make its seperate space in Indian market with a good outreach. It was launched in November 2018 with a range of innovative and latest products.

    “Indian digital accessories market has been booming for some time now after having studied the market and growing demand, we decided to make a foray into this segment.  There has been no looking back ever since,” Co-founder of Gizmore, Manish Gupta told Vishal Sharma.

    “Well, I personally love to keep myself updated on new technology and innovations being done across the globe,” he added.

    Gizmore, India's one of the top smart accessories and home audio brand, recently unveiled a number of products in its indigenous home audio range, which is made in India. Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's aim of building India atmanirbhar, the company has spent several months developing items designed on creating products which are made from ground-up for Indians, by Indians.

    After putting in a lot of effort into product design, innovation, and customisation for Indian consumers, the brand debuted a comprehensive range of seven new products earlier this year in January, including entry-level and mid-range 2.1 and 4.1 multimedia speakers, as well as single and dual tower speakers with MIC.

    These products have a wonderful design, excellent performance, and are reasonably priced. All editions are available both online portals as well as in offline stores, and come with a one-year guarantee through the Gizmore service network.

    Domestic mobile accessories makers Gizmore specialises in range of categories such as home, mobile, laptop, IOT, audio and fitness categories. The company is moving forward with a mission to bring smart accessories among technology and lifestyle products; accessible and within the reach of everyone. It has now gained a Pan India reach with the capability to reach 20K WOD (width of distribution) in the mobile and smart accessory segment through 500+ partners covering more than 150 + towns available at both online and offline.

    While having discussed his enthusiasm for technology and gadgets, Manish Gupta, Co-founder, Gizmore caught up in an exclusive interview with Vishal Sharmain which he talks about the company’s vision, futuristic growth and revealed much more like upcoming products. 

    Here are the excerpts from the Interview:

    Vishal Sharma: Being the co-founder of Gizmore, I would like to ask you how did you get interested in the world of digital accessories, are you a tech lover yourself?

    Manish Gupta: Indian digital accessories market has been booming for some time now after having studied the market and growing demand, we decided to make a foray into this segment.  There has been no looking back ever since. 

    Well, I personally love to keep myself updated on new technology and innovations being done across the globe.

    Vishal: What was the perspective behind this brand? Except you, who are the other people on the Foundation Team? Also, how has been the experience so far. Could you please take us through?

    Manish: We named our brand ‘Gizmore’ after a lot of deliberation which went on for many days. We wanted the name to resonate with tech gadgets and at the same time offering more to the consumer, and the name ‘Gizmore’ quite fitted the bill.  The name immediately clicked with the consumer and the experience so far has been pretty good. We are growing at over 100%  annually.  Gizmore is headed by Sanjay Kalirona who is CEO of the company along with Nishant goel who is also cofounder along with me.    

    Vishal: When it comes to buying digital accessories, consumers are already in a dilemma. How are you distinguishing yourself from the competitors?

    Manish: The accessories market today is loaded with all kinds of brands – organised and unorganised both.  From the very outset, this has been our endeavour to give the best in class smart features to the Indian market which is not only at par with global standards but also premium. The cherry on the cake is–they are pocket friendly too. 

    This, coupled with agood network spread and backed by efficient after-sales support has helped us break the clutter and be at the top of our game. Our idea from day one was to make our reach to smaller towns hence provide quality products to masses with strong service backup.

    Vishal: How has the response been so far, and which product from the bucket is the most popular?

    Manish: Our brand and products are well accepted in the market today. We are considered in the top five brands in the segment we operate in. The most popular products out of the entire gamut have been smartwatches, TWS – Wireless Headsets and Trolly Speakers.

    Vishal: When did you start this brand and what was your first product that was launched?

    Manish: The company was incorporated in 2018 and we formally launched our products in January 2019 with Wireless Neckbands and BT Speakers.

    Vishal: Any new variety of products coming up? what's going to be in the pipeline for the foreseeable future?

    Manish: We are coming up with a complete range of Smartwatches with high-end features, many products in home audio and a few new segments which will be announced in the near future.

    Vishal: You started as a Smart Accessories and Audio brand product firm. How has your business evolved over the years?

    Manish: When we started out, we set out as a smart accessories brand. However, on popular demand, we kept adding products, especially in home audio and party speaker range.  This helped us grow our revenue very fast.

    Vishal: Technology in these segments has been changing. How have you managed?

    Manish: The smart accessories market is evolving with a lot of innovation and changing technology globally. Our aim is to bring this innovation to India by remaining at the top of our game.  The market is very dynamic and we need to constantly evolve ourselves with the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

    Vishal: Gizmore is a relatively new company in the digital accessories category, having begun in 2018. How are you marketing it in India, which is already a highly competitive market with a plethora of brands available at various price points?

    Manish: We have always been focused on creating a depth of network and making our products visible in all channels, be it offline trade, online market place or at LFR. This strategy has worked well for us.  We also invest heavily in digital marketing and brand collaborations to have a direct connect and feedback mechanism with the end-user.

    Vishal: How did you go about outsourcing the manufacturing to countries like China and Taiwan? With the Make in India initiative, are companies seeing benefits on the ground?

    Manish: We have gradually shifted our sourcing based to India to a great extent and will continue to do so in the times to come.

    Vishal: What are your expansion plans for India? How many more products you are looking to add in the coming years?

    Manish: We are working towards being counted into 3 accessories brands in the next two years.  We will be adding a lot of smart products in the segments we operate in and also few new product lines.  This will help us achieve a sizeable market share.

    Vishal: How it is different from other brands? What does Gizmore offer to AI-based gadget fanatics?

    Manish: As quoted earlier, we believe in making premium products available to our consumers at pocket-friendly pricing. About the AI-based products, wait and watch.

    Vishal: Which platforms are you targeting - Online or Offline?

    Manish: We have a good presence in offline trade and also in e-commerce marketplaces.  We are also available at leading LFRs. The consumer is everywhere, we just have to make ourselves available where they are.

    Vishal Sharma: My last question to you would be, what's your ultimate goal with your brand Gizmore?  Are you going to have any collaborations?

    Manish: We strive to create value by bringing great products continuously and see ourselves in thetop 3 brands in our industry, in the years to come. This can only be achieved through mutually beneficial collaborations and tie-ups with partners who want to grow with us.

    The company has been focusing its efforts on strengthening its audio category, with its eyes firmly on youth and strongly driven by the market's response to the existing audio spectrum. Given the positive response to the brand among Indian youth, the company is determined to introducing ultra-modern products in the segment on a regular basis. 

    The company's ambition to deliver avant-grade music equipment to its clients and fill the void felt in the Indian market for a long time led to the creation of a new tagline, "New Age Sound."