• Inspiring stories: Foodio, Redefining Cloud Kitchen for women


    Hailing from Assam founder Akashjyoti Das of IIT Kanpur along with his co-founder Prithvi Sai, launched a revolutionary app amid the pandemic aimed at empowering women and commercializing the abundance of nourishing home-cooked food in India.

    FoodioTech is a mobile application that allows it's users to connect with some of the best home Chefs for a healthy and delicious meal while creating a platform through which Indian homemakers can share their love for cooking and earn a living while staying at home.

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    They are following the motto of 'Make In India' quite literally for youngsters and bachelors of the not so 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' living by themselves and craving for what we commonly know as 'Ghaar Ka Khana' (home-cooked food)

    Officially launched on 10th January 2021, Foodio app is now available for its users pan-India.

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