• Google bans all call recording apps starting today

    Google is blocking all the call recording apps today reason for this action is to retain and maintain the people's privacy and ensure and enhance security.

    Digital Desk: Google has updated its policies which depict many changes. The call audio recording feature has been banned. 

    Google's latest Play Store policies will no longer be permitted any further. Google had been pondering about banning all types of call recording, keeping in mind the security and safety of the world at large.

    In India, we have no law protecting the digital world or the web world from getting contaminated. This is a big step forward in reducing fraudulent activities. 

    Google is changing the old Play Store policies for improved encrypted privacy and security. Changes in the Google play policy initially spotted over on Reddit by user /u/NLL-APPS mean further restrictions placed upon the access to the Accessibility API by the developers.

    The pre-installed apps on your phone will not be affected by this new change in Google's rule book but will be restricted only to the apps listed on the Play Store, which are essentially third-party apps. 

    According to Google, "This policy change will only impact the third-party apps on the Play Store. Many default dialer apps like the Google Phone, Mi Dialer, and more have native call recording functionality built-in on specific devices. 

    Those default dialer apps on devices such as Pixel and Xiaomi smartphones will not be affected by the change." You won't lose functionality if one records a call using your pre-installed dialer app. 

    However, if one uses an app downloaded from the Google Play Store, call recording may not be possible moving forward.

    Currently, lack of privacy in any sector of life is the biggest problem faced by the world in this situation; Google's act of banning all call recording apps today is undoubtedly an appreciable job.


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