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Woman creates ruckus under the influence of alcohol, arrested

Guwahati: In another series of creating a ruckus by a drunken woman here, the Gorchuk police detained a woman in a drunk state reported creating a nuisance with a wine bottle in her hand.

As per reports, an Uber driver took the woman to the police station claiming that a boy had sent her from a restaurant in his car.

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The driver stated, “She was under the influence of alcohol when the boy sent her in my car. At first I hesitate to give a lift to her as our company does not permit this however, the boy who booked my car forced me to give a lift to her.”

Moreover, a video that has gone viral on the Internet clearly shows that the woman shouted, creating a nuisance at the police station premises with a wine bottle in her hand.

Earlier, in a same incident, Guwahati police have arrested model Rajkanya Baruah, who injured eight PWD labourers after she rammed her car into them on October 1. One identified as Joseph Marak died on November 10 after being hit by Rajkanya Baruah’s car. 



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