• Covid-19: Delhi government to supply oxygen to the Covid-19 patients in home isolation


    New Delhi: Amid an acute shortage of medical oxygen in Delhi, the Delhi Government has set up a portal on its official website to streamline the distribution of oxygen to Covid-19 patients in home isolation.

    According to the official release it said, “From 06 05 2021, all persons/individuals requiring oxygen for home isolation patients will apply on delhi.gov.in/with a valid photo id, Adhar card details, COVID positive report and other documents (CT scan report, etc. if available) indicating the actual need for oxygen.”  

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    “The District Magistrate (DM) will identify dedicated dealers/depots to distribute such cylinders to the individuals who will not be redirected to refilling plants under any circumstances.” the release added

    It further said that the DM will ensure that the distribution of oxygen is done judiciously and equitably between the individuals, non-covid hospitals, nursing homes, ambulances and SOS cylinders of Covid hospitals running on liquid medical oxygen.

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    According to source, each district has been assigned one re-filler for accessing its lump-sum allocation and the respective DM have been directed to supervise the management of the distribution cylinders from the refillers to various recipients.

    Reports are being received of long queues at cylinder refilling plants which raise the question of public safety amid the spike of covid-19 cases in the National capital.

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    Notably, the Apex court ordered the Central Government to supply 770 metric tones of medical oxygen to Delhi but defying the order it succeeds to supply only 550 metric tones of oxygen to the people of Delhi. Now, the question arises if the government is not being able to provide a sufficient amount of medical oxygen physically then will it be possible to provide the same through online mode. It can be assumed that the system may be turned into a business for some class of people in the name of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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