• Covid-19: Railways issues fresh SOPs amid rising covid-19 cases


    New Delhi: With the rising number of Covid-19 cases and deaths the Ministry of Railways has issued a revised Standard Operating procedure (SOP) to be strictly adhered to in the movements of passengers by train across the country.

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     In a note issued to General Managers of all Zonal Railways on Wednesday, the Railway Board Executive Director (Passenger Marketing) Neeraj Sharma said, “Passengers would have to maintain physical distancing at the time of boarding and travel. He said no catering charges would be included in the fares of trains. While the facility of pre-paid food services on trains would be disabled, Ready to Eat meals, packed items, packaged drinking water bottles, tea/coffee/beverages would be made available to the passengers in trains on payment basis through pantry cars/train side vending.”

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    Moreover, the rule of not allowing passengers with wait-listed tickets or allowing on board booking of tickets and withdrawal of issuing linen, blankets and curtains inside trains will continue. Only passengers found asymptomatic after going three thermal screening would be allowed to travel.

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    The Indian Raiways has decided to make mandatory for the passengers to wear masks at the time of entry and also during the entire journey. Any violation of the advisory would be dealt with in accordance with various guidelines.

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