• Chhath Puja 2023: The 4 day festive begins today; Check out the History, Rituals, Sunrise & Sunset Timing

    Chhath Puja 2023: The 4 day festive begins today; Check out the History, Rituals, Sunrise & Sunset Timing

    A four-day festival worshipping the Sun God, with essential dates, dawn and sunset times for arghya...

    Digital Desk: Chhath Puja is a prominent Hindu festive observed predominantly in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh, as well as in some parts of Nepal. It is also widely celebrated in the rest of India, including Delhi and Mumbai. 

    This festival is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God, Surya, and it normally falls in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik, which corresponds to October or November in the Gregorian calendar. The dates of Chhath Puja differ from year to year because they are dictated by the lunar calendar.


    On November 17, 2023, devotees take a holy bath and have a satvik meal. This day represents cleansing and preparation for the next ceremonies.

    November 18, 2023: Lohanda and Kharna (Day 2): Devotees observe a nirjala vrat on this day, refraining from both food and water. In the evening, they consume lohanda, a special prasad dedicated to the Sun God.

    Sandhya Arghya (Day 3): On November 19, 2023, devotees offer arghya, a water and other item offering, to the setting Sun God. This arghya is a manner of thanking the Sun God for his benefits.

    Usha Arghya (Day 4): On November 20, 2023, followers of Chhath perform arghya to the rising Sun God. This arghya is a technique of asking for future benefits.

    Sunrise and Sunset Times for Chhath Puja in 2023

    Sunset on Friday, November 17th: 5:50 p.m.

    On Monday, November 20th, the sunrise time is 06:20 AM.


    Chhath Puja, an ancient Hindu festival, is an approach to express appreciation to the Sun God, the source of all life on Earth, and it is culturally and historically significant.


    Chhath Puja is a devotional practice in which the Sun God is honoured for supporting life, blessings for family happiness are sought, the mind and spirit are cleansed, and forgiveness for past transgressions is sought.


    Taking a swim in a holy river (Nahay Khay), fasting, preparing special offerings, and performing the "arghya" or offerings to the setting and rising sun are all part of Chhath Puja.

    During this time, devotees, particularly women, keep stringent fasts and offer devotional prayers to the Sun God.

    During the festival, people come together at the banks of rivers or other bodies of water to give prayers to the setting and rising sun. The occasion is characterised by elaborate ceremonies and celebrations. 

    During the puja, devotees dress traditionally and perform folk tunes. It's a time for family get-togethers and harmony throughout the community, and the air is charged with devotion.