• Maha Shivratri 2023 Celebration: During this Mahashivaratri, here's what these 4 zodiac signs should do to receive Lord Shiva's blessings

    Maha Shivratri 2023 Celebration: During this Mahashivaratri, here's what these 4 zodiac signs should do to receive Lord Shiva's blessings
    The Mahashivaratri festival will take place on February 18th, with the best hours for Lord Shiva devotion falling between...
    Digital Desk: The Mahashivratri festival will be observed this year on February 18th. For many devotees who are waiting for Mahashivratri, there's only a day left.

    According to Dr. Satish Soni, a famous astrologer from Gwalior, four nights in a year are considered very best for worshipping God, the first-night being Mahashivaratri, the second night being Holika Dahan, the third night being Diwali, and the fourth night is Dussehra, which is the night of Vijayadashami.

    The devotees' devotion during these four nights is never wasted. Along with this, Lord Bholenath gets pleased with little effort, solves his devotees' concerns, and fills them with prosperity by removing poverty.

    In addition, astrologer Dr. Satish Soni stated that this year's Mahashivratri festival will begin on February 18 and end on February 19. Devotees will have more time to pay visit lord Shiva in such a scenario. Throughout the day, there will be auspicious times for Lord Shiva's devotion.

    People who wish to worship at a specific hour. There would be a favourable time for them between 12:09 and 1:00 a.m. Simultaneously, the Chaturdashi date will be from 8:02 p.m. on Saturday, 18 February 2023 to 4:18 p.m. the following day, 19 February. 

    Poverty will be abolished and you will be wealthy if you worship in this favourable time. There are numerous such measures on Mahashivratri, according to astrologer Dr. Satish Soni, via which you might please Lord Shiva. He said that showering the Lord with sugarcane juice on Shivling on this day not only grants your wish but also removes poverty.

    Moreover, giving a bell to Lord Shiva on Mahashivratri provides relief from financial issues. On Mahashivaratri, husband and wife should together offer Belpatra to Lord Shiva. This enhances their marital happiness. Not only that, but bathing the Shivling with honey on the day of Shivratri also aids in the removal of hardships and difficulties.

    If you worship in this manner, poverty will be abolished and you will be fortunate.

    Lord Shankar's particular blessing will be bestowed upon these zodiac signs: 

    Aries: Mahashivaratri will be extremely remarkable for those born under this sign. This increases their chances of boosting their income. Also, new work prospects can be discovered.

    Taurus: This zodiac is likely to receive Lord Shiva's blessings. There is the possibility of advancement in the position. Together with this, there may be financial rewards.

    Gemini: Those born under this sign will receive pleasant news. In addition, health will be excellent, and a positive atmosphere will be generated in the home.  

    Libra: The day of Shivratri will be extremely good for you. Your efforts will be appreciated, and you may be able to realise your dream.

    Apart from that, Shivratri will have no effect on the remaining zodiac signs.