• YouTuber Hindustani Bhau arrested for "instigating" students

    Digital Desk: On Tuesday, the Dharavi Police in Mumbai seized YouTuber Hindustani Bhau, whose true name is Vikas Fhatak, in connection with a student protest in Dharavi on Monday over their demand for online tests for classes 10 and 12 in view of the pandemic. Students protested in Mumbai and Nagpur on Monday in the middle of the pandemic, demanding online exams. Following the demonstrations, it was revealed that YouTuber Hindustani Bhau had invited students to gather in the Dharavi region near Maharashtra education minister Varsha Gaikwad's residence in a video. On Monday, police announced they will take action against the YouTuber, who was apparently present at the students' demonstration. Also Read: Assam may be a good channel to expand trade with Bangladesh The big student demonstration on Monday resulted in police baton charges. Two buses were destroyed by disgruntled students in Nagpur, according to police. "In these two years, many people died because of Covid. Till now, families are recovering from the shock. And now the new drama of Omicron has started. What is this? The government is urging people to remain indoors. They why take offline exams of the students," Hindustani Bhau said in a YouTube video 'Exams cancel karo. bacho ke jaan ke sath mt khelo warna hoga fir se andolan'. The video had over 2.77 lakh views till Tuesday. It was uploaded on January 24. Rajesh Tope, Maharashtra's health minister, said the decision to take offline tests was made after thorough thought, and that all precautions, such as keeping social distance and wearing masks, will be adopted. The protesting students were urged to collaborate with the government in performing in-person examinations by the health minister. Hindustani Bhau had invited students to join the demonstration through his social media channels, according to preliminary inquiry into the big protest that resulted in destruction in several areas. "Anyone guilty for provoking students would face legal punishment," Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Zone V, Pranay Ashok stated in response to a question.  

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