• Afghan nationals organize protest in Belgium, slams Pakistan for supporting Taliban


    Belgium: Afghan nationals have organized a series of protests, living in various countries since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in mid-August. As the evacuation process ended yesterday with the last US troops leaving the war-torn country, the Afghan diaspora called for support from the global community and shouted slogans against Pakistan.

    The members of Afghanistan's diaspora residing in Belgium organized a protest in the capital of Brussels on Monday. The protest was organized at the Schuman Circle, in front of the European Commission (EC) and the European External Action Service (EEAS) building. The protest was against the Taliban's hostile takeover of their country Afghanistan. The members raised a slogan against Pakistan for its alleged support and involvement with the Taliban.

    There were about 60-70 members of the Afghan diaspora some of the protesters were wearing army combat uniforms.

    "Who killed Afghanistan- Pakistan", "Pakistan supports terrorists"; and "Stop killing Afghans,” were the slogans shouted by nearly 800 demonstrators on Sunday in front of the Greek Parliament. The protesters were blaming Pakistan for their involvement and worsening conditions in Afghanistan.

    On Saturday, in more than 30 cities, similar protests were held, including Washington, London, and Berlin calling for support of Afghans in the final hours of the evacuation process.

    Participants held signs that read, "Save Afghanistan" or "Save Afghan lives."

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